Fresh stoppages to affect 5,500 vehicles as well as Lexus factories

Toyota Motor Corporation said it will suspend another three assembly lines in Japan for several days in August due to supply chain disruptions caused by the spread of COVID-19 infections in Vietnam.

The latest suspensions will affect the production of around 5,000 vehicles, bringing the total production cut to about 8,000 vehicles following the automaker’s earlier announcement last Thursday that a line would be suspended due to infections in the Southeast Asian country.

The company’s plant in the city of Tahara in Aichi Prefecture will suspend a line for four days from Aug. 3. Its affiliate Toyota Auto Body Co. will suspend two lines for two days from Aug. 5 at its plant in the Yoshiwara area of the city of Toyota in the prefecture, according to the automaker.

The factories produce vehicles such as high-end Lexus brand cars and Land Cruiser sport utility vehicles.

The company said last Thursday it would suspend a production line at Toyota Auto Body’s Fujimatsu plant in Aichi Prefecture for five days from July 29 “due to a parts shortage resulting from the spread of COVID-19 in Southeast Asia.”