Honda Stepwagon received 27,000 units order in just one month

June 27, 2022

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced on June 27 that the cumulative number of orders for the new “Step WGN” has exceeded 27,000 as of June 27, about a month after its launch on May 27. The monthly sales plan for the new Stepwagon is 5,000 units, which is more than five times that of the new Step Wagon.

Regarding the order status of the new Step WGN, the purchasing group is said to be a wide range of customers, including minivan users, including replacements from the previous model of Stepwagon. As for the points of high evaluation, the 2-motor hybrid system “e: HEV” that runs most of the daily scenes with a motor and realizes smooth running with low fuel consumption, a simple exterior that suits everyone The design, visibility that makes it easy to grasp the distance between vehicles, the horizontal interior space that makes it difficult to get motion sickness, and various seat arrangements are mentioned.

At present, the “factory shipping time” from ordering to shipping the factory for the new Stepwagon is about 3 months for gasoline-powered vehicles and about 5 months for e: HEV. According to the Honda Japan, “Delivery of Honda products has been delayed due to multiple factors such as the recent spread of the new coronavirus infection, chronic semiconductor shortage, and unstable overseas situation. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to our customers who are looking forward to this. Although the uncertain situation continues, we will continue to strive to minimize the impact on production. We appreciate your understanding. “