Mitsubishi Delica Mini Won Design Car of the year award at 2023-2024 Japan car of the year

December 8, 2023

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation’s Delica Mini super height-wagon kei-car has been awarded the Design Car of the Year at the 2023-2024 Japan Car of the Year awards. This prestigious award recognizes cars with exceptional exterior and interior design. This is a significant achievement for Mitsubishi Motors as it is the first time they have won this award.

The Delica Mini was highly praised by the organizing committee for its cute and attractive appearance, which is a departure from Mitsubishi Motors’ previous rugged front mask design. Additionally, its impressive monthly sales volume, which is more than three times that of its predecessor, the eK X space, demonstrates the importance of design in attracting customers. The Delica Mini not only carries the Delica name but also incorporates iconic design elements of the Delica.

The Delica Mini is a reliable and active super height-wagon kei-car that combines the features of a tough SUV styling, a spacious interior, and powerful driving performance. Its design is based on the concept of Daily Adventure. The three-dimensional Dynamic Shield front design, with distinctive semicircular LED position lights in the headlights, gives the car a dignified yet friendly Delica look. The front bumper and liftgate garnish also feature an embossed Delica logo. The glossy black wheel arches and skid-plate design of the front and rear bumpers convey a sense of power and protection.

Furthermore, the Delica Mini offers a functional cabin suitable for outdoor recreation and everyday use. The interior provides ample space, ensuring comfort even in the rear seats. It is equipped with MI-PILOT driver assistance technology and active safety technologies that enhance the overall driving experience and provide support for the driver.