Mitsubishi Fuso Announces Next-Generation Model of EV Light Truck “eCanter” Significantly Expands Chassis Lineup

September 7, 2022

Evolve into a model that addresses more logistics needs

On September 7, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Co., Ltd. unveiled the next-generation model of the fully remodeled EV (electric vehicle) light truck “eCanter.” The domestic market for Japan is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2023. Models for overseas markets will also be rolled out sequentially.

The eCanter was launched in 2017 as Japan’s first mass-produced EV light truck. This model is driven electrically without emitting any emissions, has little noise and vibration, and is used in a variety of applications in European countries, North America, Australia and New Zealand as Japan a vehicle that realizes CO2-free transportation. Based on the experience of operating the next-generation models, the company will significantly expand its vehicle lineup to meet more logistics needs while accelerating the realization of carbon-neutral transportation.

Features of eCanter next-generation models

The next-generation eCanter model significantly expands the chassis lineup by adopting an “e-axle” that integrates the motor into the rear shaft and adopting a compact drivetrain structure. The company will offer 28 models for the domestic market and about 80 models for overseas markets to meet a wider range of logistics needs.

Furthermore, in addition to the current model’s gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 7.5t class, variations are available in the minimum 5t to maximum 8t class for domestic models and from 4t class to 8t class for overseas models. The cab variation has also been expanded, and a widening cab (2130mm) that can secure more cargo box volume has been newly added from a standard width cab (1700mm) with a small circumference. In addition, the company says that it will have a wheelbase of up to a minimum of 2,500 mm and a maximum of 4,750 mm.

In addition, it adopts a modular system that can be equipped with one battery with a rated capacity of 41 kWh depending on the wheelbase ~ up to three batteries. The cruising range has been extended to approximately 80 km for vehicles equipped with one vehicle, approximately 140 km for vehicles equipped with two, and approximately 200 km for vehicles equipped with three vehicles. Like the current model, it can be charged normally and quickly, and a V2X function that externally supplies power to homes and other facilities via a dedicated device from the in-vehicle battery in the event of a disaster will also be newly installed. In addition, it is equipped with a power removal device “ePTO (Electric Power TakeOff)” that can be used for bodywork such as dump trucks, rear cranes, garbage trucks, refrigerated vehicles, and detachment vehicles.

In addition, the “heater cut switch” that can save energy consumption during driving even in winter while greatly improving electricity costs and drivability by making the regenerative braking system controllable at a four-level level, and the “battery preconditioning” function that can preheat the battery with a timer according to the departure time during normal charging are available. In addition, the company has enhanced the functions unique to EV trucks, such as the addition of an “energy-saving heating” function that warms only necessary parts such as seats and steering.

Redesigned interior and exterior

It adopts an impressive exterior design suitable for next-generation EV trucks. The black belt, which symbolizes the FUSO brand, is combined with orange and blue, which are the key colors of EV trucks, to create an advanced look. In addition to being equipped with LED headlights and daytime running lights, the latest LED rear combination lamps are also installed to improve safe driving.

The interior design has also been upgraded for comfortable driving. It is equipped with a newly shaped dashboard that reduces height and provides a spacious space, a passenger grip that responds to more users by widening the upper and lower dimensions, orange and blue key colors everywhere, and a 10-inch full LCD meter linked to the steering switch. The “FUSO Easy Access Key,” which allows you to lock and unlock the door simply by pressing the lock/unlock switch on the doorknob used in FUSO light-duty trucks, has also been adopted to improve convenience.

Significant expansion of advanced safety equipment

Among the next-generation models, the first of its kind in a FUSO light-duty truck is equipped with Active Side Guard Assist 1.0, a collision prevention function with damage mitigation braking function, and monitors the left side of the vehicle that is prone to blind spots when driving, reducing the risk of a left-turn accident and reducing damage in the event of a collision.

In addition, Active Brake Assist 5 (ABA5), which is a further upgrade of the collision damage mitigation brake, is newly installed on all models. Improved understanding of the space in front of the vehicle and accuracy in detecting pedestrians. In addition, Active Attention Assist, a driver attention monitoring system that recognizes a decrease in driving attention through a white line recognition camera, various sensors, and a face recognition camera, is newly adopted, and a function that warns of a decrease in driving attention by displaying it on a buzzer or a full LCD meter.

In addition, “Intelligent Headlight Control” that automatically switches between high or low beams, “Traffic Sign Recognition” is a traffic sign recognition function that displays the traffic sign in front of you recognized by the camera on a full LCD meter, “Electric parking brake” that maintains stable braking force on slopes, etc., It is also newly equipped with a “rearview camera system” that reduces the risk of an accident when reversing with a rearview camera, and enhances safety support.

Supporting Advances in Connectivity Technology and the Introduction of EV Trucks

MFTBC’s telematics function “Truck Connect” has a function “eRange” that displays the remaining mileage on the dashboard of the current model, a function that displays the remaining battery capacity compared to the new one on the Truck Connect, and a “charge management system” that can charge by setting a timer during the time when the power bill is cheapest. New functions unique to EV trucks such as functions have been added.

In addition to vehicle development, MFTBC supports the peripheral elements indispensable for the introduction of EV trucks with MFTBC’s knowledge and experience, and also offers a comprehensive solution program “FUSO E-Mobility Solutions” that supports users’ transformation into e-mobility.