Partially improved “Note”, “Note Aura” and “Note Aura NISMO” specifications

News Release by Nissan Motor Corporation

August 22, 2022

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture; President: Makoto Uchida) announced on the 22nd that the specifications of the “Note”, “Note Aura” and “Note Aura NISMO” have been partially improved, and will be released nationwide from this fall. announced.

” Note ” and premium compact car ” Note Aura “, which achieved No. 1 *1 in electric vehicle (including hybrid vehicle) sales in the domestic registered car sales in the first half of 2022, are based on the second generation “e-POWER” and a newly developed platform. Its smooth and powerful acceleration, smooth deceleration control, and excellent quietness have been well received by a wide range of customers.

This time, we have newly set 4 types of body colors for “Note” and 3 types of body colors for “Note Aura”.

Notes Newly added colors: Surf Green, Stealth Gray, Sunrise Copper, Surf Green/Dark Metal Gray 2-tone (Premium Horizon Orange and Olive Green are no longer available)
Note Aura New Colors: Sunrise Copper, Midnight Purple, Pure White Pearl/Sunrise Copper 2 Tones (Premium Horizon Orange, Olive Green, Opera Mauve/Super Black 2 Tones have been discontinued)
As for the interior color, airy gray can also be newly selected for both Note and Note Aura *2 . In addition, the seats of the Note, Note Aura, and Note Aura NISMO have antibacterial specifications *3
so that you can enjoy a safer and more comfortable car life . Furthermore, the Note Aura has a rear center armrest as standard equipment *4 . In addition, due to the partial specification improvement this time, we will abolish the F grade of “notebook”.

*1 An electric vehicle refers to a vehicle that uses electrical energy stored in a battery for all or part of its power. Electric vehicle rankings are based on Nissan research based on vehicle registration information (new vehicle registration information) from January to June 2022.

*2 Settings by grade

*3 Not applicable to the front seats of vehicles equipped with optional RECARO sports seats for the Note Aura NISMO. In addition, vehicles equipped with RECARO sports seats are handled as NMC Autech as carry-on registered vehicles.

*4 Excludes Note Aura NISMO