Resumption of sales of the “HINO Liesse II” light-duty bus

Nov 2, 2022

Hino is pleased to announce that we will resume sales of the HINO Liesse II light-duty bus, newly equipped with a Toyota engine. Specifically, the upgraded HINO Liesse II model, equipped with Toyota’s “1GD engine,” is scheduled to launch in March 2023. We will provide more details and specific product information in due course.

The launch of the upgraded model of the HINO Liesse II light-duty bus, equipped with Hino’s N04C (Urea SCR) engine, has been delayed due to issues with the certification application for the engine in Japan. Hino’s N04C (Urea-SCR) engines are no longer being installed in the HINO Liesse II. For other vehicles and equipment that were scheduled to be equipped with the same engine, Hino will continue to consider alternative options, including the installation of other engine models.

Hino apologizes for the inconvenience caused to our customers and other stakeholders.