Toyota Launches New Noah and Voxy Minivans in Japan

Minivans with more comfort, convenience, and peace of mind to bring joy to all

Jan. 13, 2022]

The new Noah and Voxy have been reborn as everybody’s minivans, with more comfort, convenience, and peace of mind to provoke a deeper sense of happiness that only minivans can offer.

  • In addition to the excellent packaging unique to minivans, the ease of use is further increased, with universal steps and free stop rear hatch doors using karakuri mechanism.
  • New models come equipped with the latest advanced fixtures, including Toyota Safety Sense and Toyota Teammate.
  • They also come with exceptional dynamic performance, including the new-generation series parallel hybrid system.

Toyota City, Japan, January 13, 2022―Toyota Motor Corporation announces today the Japan wide launch of its completely redesigned “Noah” and “Voxy” minivans, with models scheduled for release on January 13, 2022.

Launched in November 2001, the Noah and Voxy are compact cab wagons developed in pursuit of the pure minivan fun, with sliding doors for easy entry and exit, and roomy, comfortable cabin spaces for lots of passengers and cargo. As cars supported and loved by Japanese families, they are still among our most popular cars, particularly with families.

The new fourth-generation Noah and Voxy have been reborn as minivans with more comfort, convenience, and peace of mind than ever to encourage users to load up their hobbies and toys and hit the road. Using the TNGA (GA-C) platform for their basic structure, these minivans were developed for a deeper sense of happiness that the outstanding packaging and ease-of-use their generations of models have always brought, and to achieve even greater minivan appeal through use of the latest advanced fixtures. Designed based on three unique worldviews that further emphasize their features, the Noah is built on the concepts of “majestic, modern, and high quality” combined with “mainstream and aggressive,” while the Voxy goes for “leading edge and unique.”

Welcab models (assisted mobility vehicles) also enhance the model lineup by dramatically improving the range of wheelchair-adapted models and expanding the configuration for type-designated vehicles.

Vehicle details

Roomy, comfortable cabin space


  • The new Noah and Voxy are built on the TNGA (GA-C) platform. Body structure optimization enables more vertically aligned C pillars compared to previous models, which achieves a distance of 1,295 mm between left and right pillars (75 mm wider than previous models)*1. Coupled with a cabin height of 1,405 mm, this creates a more open feeling within the cabin.
  • A large-capacity 104 L*2 super luggage box also provides useful underfloor storage to allow tall cargo items and suitcases.

Comfortable rear seats

  • The seven-seater models feature captain seats in the second row. In addition to ottoman mechanisms―a first for this class*3―and seat heaters*4, the seats also have large foldable side tables. The lower-profile one-touch folding third-row seats also allow ultra-long straight sliding mechanisms (slide length of 745 mm*1), rather than requiring sideways sliding, without compromising ride comfort. Together, these features enhance convenience and comfort.
  • The eight-seater models come with a three-person bench seat in a 60/40 split tip-up configuration*5 in the second row. Like the seven-seater, these models also use ultra-long sliding mechanisms (slide length of 705 mm*1).
  • Special two-person bench seats with handrails can also be provided as a package option. With access space provided at the left of the second-row seats, this configuration provides easy access to the third-row seats even with a child seat installed in the second row.

*1 According to in-house measurements. Actual values may vary depending on the measurement location.
*2 According to in-house measurements, without the spare tire, using the VDA method.
*3 Compact cab wagon category. As of January 2022. According to Toyota research.
*4 Provided as manufacturer package options on the Noah S-Z and Z grades. Provided as manufacturer package options on the Voxy S-Z grade. Ottoman mechanism is only available on 2WD models.
*5 The 60/40 split tip-up configuration includes a left seat with a tip-up mechanism linked to seat back forward-folding and a right seat with manually operated tip-up mechanism.

Ease-of-use for the Whole Family

Access to rear seats

  • New Noah and Voxy equipped with power sliding doors have a universal step on the front passenger seat side*6. The step extends and retracts below the door by karakuri mechanism when opening and closing the sliding door. The step is 200 mm*7 high to provide easy access for the whole family, from children to the elderly
  • These models also come with 460 mm*1 long hand grips as standard inclusions on both left and right B pillars. Set at an easy height to grip for everyone from children to adults (bottom of grip is 895 mm*1 from ground surface), the hand grip thickness is optimized at the top for adults and at the bottom for children.
  • Hands-free dual power sliding doors are included as package options*8. This enables users carrying the key to automatically open and close the sliding doors simply by placing their feet under the sensors at the bottom of the front doors. This is a very convenient feature when both hands are full, such as when carrying children.

Convenient rear hatch door mechanism

Ease of use is improved with the world’s first*9 free-stop rear hatch door that, by pushing, can be stopped at any angle by karakuri mechanism. This makes it easy to access cargo from the rear hatch door even if space behind the vehicle is limited. For grades equipped with a power rear hatch door*10, the rear hatch door can be opened and closed with a power switch located on both rear quarter panels.

*6 Provided as a manufacturer option on all models.
*7 Two-wheel drive models only. 225 mm for four-wheel drive models. According to in-house measurements.
*8 Provided as a manufacturer package option on all Noah grades (except X grade). Provided as a manufacturer package option on all Voxy grades.
*9 As of January 2022. According to Toyota research.
*10 Provided as manufacturer package options on the Noah S-Z and Z grades. Provided as manufacturer package options on the Voxy S-Z grade.