Toyota Motor Corp cancelled Harrier orders due to production delay

TOKYO: Toyota Motor Corp has cancelled some orders of their popular sport utility vehicle “Harrier” due to production disruption caused by the COVID-19.

Customers are being asked to switch their orders to the improved model, which is scheduled to be released in September, 2022.

Toyota is considering that the company and its dealers cover the difference, since the price of a newer model is likely to be more expensive.

It is believed to be the first time that an order received by Toyota has been scrapped due to an issue at the carmaker issue.

The report comes as Toyota struggles to shrug off the impact of the COVID-19 lockdowns and global semiconductor shortage, straining its supply chain and cutting back vehicle production.

Toyota said last week its global production plan would be lower than the plan it had told its suppliers at the beginning of the year. Earlier this month Toyota was forced to stop accepting new orders for the Land Cruiser-300 as orders exceeded its production capacity that is shrink due to Covid-19.