Toyota to Shut Down All Japan Plants on March 1st 2022

TOKYO–Toyota Motor Corporation the world’s largest automaker said Monday that it would shut down all factories in Japan on Tuesday March 1st 2022 after one of its suppliers had an issue with its computer system.

A Toyota spokesman said it wasn’t clear how long the factories would remain closed because the company is still assessing the problem. Toyota has not announce how long the shut down will last.

The shutdown adds to Toyota’s production woes that forcing the automaker to lose about 13,000 units per day, which have been hit by a global semiconductor shortage.

The auto industry is in the midst of a number of crises that are affecting supply. The current problem will effect a further dent on Toyota’s production ability

In February 2022, Toyota, the largest automaker in the world, said it expects to miss its annual production target of 9 million vehicles because the chip shortage was affecting its ability to ramp up production.