LEXUS, “LC” partially improved

LEXUS is planning to release “LC” after November through some Lexus stores nationwide with some improvements.

Since its launch in 2017, the LC has realized an original design and excellent driving performance, and is one that is directing the ride quality of all LEXUS model lineups. We continue to deepen the “Lexus Driving Signature”, a ride that is unique to LEXUS, aiming for a linear response that is faithful to the driver’s intentions.

This time, in the partial improvement of the coupe model (LC500h / LC500), we aimed to further deepen the ride quality and improved the basic performance. In particular,

By optimizing the specifications of the coil springs and stabilizers and the control of the shock absorbers, the feeling of ground contact of the tires has been improved, the linearity of the vehicle response to the steering input and the controllability in the high turning G region have been improved.
For vehicles equipped with the Lexus Dynamic Handling System (LDH), VGRS * 1 and DRS * 2 controls have been optimized to achieve responsive and nimble driving. From low speeds to high speeds, we have improved the enjoyment and stability of maneuvering by achieving both proper vehicle posture and controllability.

In the exterior color, “Sonic Iridium” is newly set for all LC models (coupe convertible). In addition, following the convertible model, “Terrane Khaki Mica Metallic” has been added to the coupe model. In addition, the coupe model LC500h / LC500 “L package” is equipped as standard with 21-inch forged aluminum wheels with “polished finish + black paint”. The coloring and wheel design further enhance the beautiful form and quality of LC.

As for the interior color, “Blue & White” and “Marine Blue” are newly set as the exclusive roof color for the convertible model (LC500 Convertible). We invite you to an extraordinary space unique to a convertible model that pursues an elegant and luxurious world view.