Suzuki launches new mini passenger car “Alto”

Suzuki Motor Corporation will release the new mini passenger car “Alto” from December 22, 2021.

The “Alto” was launched in May 1979 as a practical mini vehicle that combines ease of driving, ease of use, and high economic efficiency, opening up a new market.
In addition, since its launch, it has evolved its functions and performance according to the times, and has been used by many customers for 42 years and 8 generations, and represents Suzuki’s mini vehicles with cumulative domestic sales of approximately 5.26 million units * 1. It is a model.
The 9th generation of the new “Alto” has been redesigned with a redesigned interior and exterior that makes it easy for anyone to ride with peace of mind, and has a design that is friendly and attached to people of all ages.
In addition to the combination of the conventional R06A engine and energy charge, the R06D engine and mild hybrid * 2 have been installed to achieve even lower fuel efficiency, achieving the highest fuel efficiency in WLTC mode at 27.7km / L * 3 for mini vehicles . ..
In terms of safety, the “Suzuki Safety Support” equipped with a dual camera brake support that detects pedestrians at night and 6 airbags * 4 are standard equipment on all models , in addition to expanding the glass area and widening the view .
In addition, a head-up display * 5 that displays necessary information in full color for easy viewing is adopted, and a sign recognition function that displays road signs recognized by a stereo camera on the head-up display * 5 is installed.
Furthermore, a camera for omnidirectional monitors* 5 Equipped vehicles are also equipped with a passing support function that supports contact prevention when passing on narrow roads.
In packaging, the overall height, interior height, and interior width have been expanded * 6 to realize a large interior space, and the height of the front door opening has also been expanded * 6 to improve the ease of getting on and off the front seats.
The instrument panel is equipped with ample storage space within reach of the driver, as well as USB power sockets (2) * 5 that are easy to use from the driver’s seat and passenger seat . In addition, Suzuki’s first 7-inch display audio * 7 is used to display images from a back-eye camera and omnidirectional monitor * 5 , as well as confirmation of various vehicle information and an intersection with a head-up display * 5 . Information * 8 etc. can also be displayed. In addition, it is equipped with a full range of functions such as navigation display by linking with a smartphone * 9 and music playback.
In terms of driving performance, in addition to the engine that realizes low fuel consumption and light driving, the lightweight and highly rigid platform “HEARTECT”, the annular skeleton structure and the high damping mastic sealer are adopted for steering stability and riding comfort. Improved quietness.
The new “Alto” is the “Support Car S Wide” promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism * 10, “Collision Damage Mitigation Brake (AEBS2) Certified Vehicle” * 11 by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism , “Pedal Mistake Sudden Start Suppression Device (PMPD) Certified Vehicle” * 11 .